SSP Fertilizer


Patel Phoschem Pvt Limited is a well-known manufacturer of SSP fertilizer in India. Single Super Phosphate (SSP) Fertilizer is made from raw materials like Rock Phosphate and Sulphuric Acid.
Single Super Phosphate Fertilizer (SSP) is a widely used plant nutrient that contains three important elements for plant growth: Phosphorus, Sulphur, and Calcium, along with some small amounts of other nutrients. It’s easily available, and you can get it quickly. Farmers who grow oilseeds particularly like using SSP.
To make the most of SSP, it’s essential to follow some simple steps. First, you should test your soil to know how much phosphorus it needs. Then, apply SSP in the right amount recommended by the test. It’s also a good idea to use compost and bio-fertilizers alongside SSP. Adjust your soil’s pH level to be closer to neutral using soil amendments to help phosphorus work better. These steps can double the efficiency of SSP Fertilizer and make it work better for your crops.


S. NO. Content % Quantity
1 P2O5(NACS) 16%
2 Water Soluble (WS) 14.5%(Minimum)
3 Sulphur (S) 11.5%(Minimum)