We are Proud to offer a Range of High-Quality Agro Equipment Products Through our Engineering division. Our Team of Skilled Engineers and Technicians is Dedicated to Designing and Manufacturing Equipment that Helps Farmers and Others in the Industry to Optimize Their operations and improve their Productivity.

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We are designing, manufacturing / fabricating and rendering consultation for Fertilizer Plants like Super Phosphates, NPK, etc. on turn key basis and for various other mechanical machineries. Our designing, manufacturing, fabrication and consultation facilities are in Udaipur District (Rajasthan).

We have a workshop with the latest technological equipment and sufficient highly qualified manpower. We have a facility to fabricate 400 MT materials per month at our unit. We have a facility to fabricate and erect about 800 MT materials per month at site, with the help of highly qualified manpower. We are well capable for running the fertilizer plant on contract basis with minimum maintenance by highly qualified manpower.


We are continuously emphasizing to improvise quality standards by maintaining a stringent vigil on the manufacturing operations. Raw material is sourced from reliable and authentic vendors and is also stringently checked prior being sent to the production unit. All the activities take place under the strict supervision of our experienced quality auditors including procurement, cutting, moulding, production, welding, finishing, packaging and other activities. We ensure that only approved equipment should reach the client’s end. Adhering to strict quality standards, all the material handling equipment are designed, engineered and fabricated in compliance with industry standards.

Our finished range is quality tested on various parameters such as:

• Rugged construction
• Durability
• Welding
• Finishing
• Performance

OUR Clients

Khaitan - chemfert


Vibrating Screen

A Conveyor is a fast and efficient mechanical handling equipment to move goods, products, and other materials from one place to another. They are extremely handy for businesses that deal with heavy goods, sharp items, and mass-produced products.

Chimney Base

Complete Ball Mill unit designed as per customized need of client, generally the unit consist Trunion Bearing and Housing, Gear & Pinion, Motor, Gear Box, Double flap valve, Grit Separator, Cyclone Separator, Rotary Van feeder, ID fan, Dust collection unit, Exhaust Fan and Return Air Slide.

Cooler Drum

Furnace Plants are used to provide heat for a process or can serve as reactor which provides heat for reaction. The design of a furnace may vary as to its function, heating duty, type of fuel, and method of combustion of air.

Chimney piece

Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant is generally used to formulate fertilizers that contain natural or artificial substances including chemical elements that improve the growth and productivity of plants.


Grinding Equipment is used to sharpen high-speed steel cutting tools used on lathes and milling machines or used to remove surface imperfections and to work extremely hard materials.

Cooler Drum

Material-Handling Equipment is used for the movement, storage, control, and protection of materials, goods, and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal within a facility or to and from a site.

Dryer Drum

NPK Fertilizer plants are generally used to formulate fertilizers by transforming millions of tons of air, natural gas, and mine ores into plant nutrition products based on three essential nutrients that are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

EOT Crane

Storage equipment is made of high-density steel and provides an easy and convenient way to store inventory goods. They offer quick access to the inventory to speed up order processing and are generally used to store bulky items.

EOT Crane Bucket

A valve is a device or natural object that regulates, directs, or controls the flow of a fluid by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. Regulating flow and pressure within a piping system is a major function of the valves.

EOT Crane trolley

The gases are evolved in the process of SSP production are scrubbed with the help of three stage scrubbing system.

Granulator Drum

Phosphate Fertilizer Plants are specially used to manufacture phosphate fertilizers by adding acid to ground or pulverized phosphate rock. To improve food production, one can add nutrients in the form of fertilizers.


Rotary drums are the industry standard for everything from granulating fertilizers to drying, cooling, and even coating them. Rotary drum systems fabricated by us offer efficient, economical solutions for your process production needs.

Multi Louver Damper Valve

Belt & Chain type elevator designed as per customized need of client

Scrubbing Fan

The name itself suggest the function of the equipment. In the mixer the rock phosphate, 98% H2SO4 acid and water are mixed to form slurry. The optimum ratio, controlled by PLC and instruments installation.

Slat Conveyor

The Den is horizontal tunnel through which the slurry of acid and rock phosphate proceeds on a slowly moving slatted conveyor.


Designed various capacity Grab Crane according to the project requirement, Rail mounted complete in all respect including structural, mechanical and electrical equipment.