Company is engaged in manufacturing SSP and GSSP with installed capacity of 198000 MT per annum and 100000MT per annum respectively. MOEF, Govt of India has given further clearance for 8 new products of Red category and allowed expansion in SSP which will expand the production capacity to 330000 MT.

S.No.Product TPD Capacity in TPD
1.Powder Single Super Phosphate (SSP/NPK)1000
2.Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) 150
3.Granulated single super Phosphate300
4.Synthetic Gypsum550
5.Di-Calcium Phosphate30
6.Phosphoric Acid160
7.Potassium Flouride0.3
8.Sulphuric Acid 150
9.Sodium Tri Polyphosphate0.3